DePaul University

At DePaul University I teach courses in new media, digital media production and social media with the College of Communication’s Journalism Program, as well as in climate change and environmental communication. I developed a new upper-level undergraduate course in climate change communication.  In early 2017, I sat down to talk about how my research informs my teaching with the DePaul Newsline.

You can download my teaching philosophy here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Sample Syllabi

Examples of my syllabi from DePaul are:

Communication Studies 326: Environmental Politics and Rhetoric
Course Syllabus

Journalism 275: Introduction to Journalism
Course Syllabus

Journalism 280: Introduction to Online Reporting and Production
Course Syllabus

Journalism 311 / Communication Studies 363: Climate Change Communication
Course Syllabus

Journalism 507: Visual Communication
Course Syllabus

Journalism 542: Social Media and the News (online format)
Course Syllabus

Sample Teaching Materials

Below are a selection of teaching materials that showcase my  approach to facilitating critical thinking, engaged and hands-on learning in the classroom.

  • Journalism 542: “Social Media and the News” (online format): Sample of a weekly discussion post prompt and evaluation rubric;
  • Communication Studies 326: “Environmental Politics and Rhetoric” (face-to-face format): Sample of an in-class small group activity on designing campus sustainability social marketing campaigns and a PDF of the accompanying short lecture that introduced the activity; and
  • Journalism 275: “Introduction to Journalism” (face-to-face format): In the place of weekly quizzes, to prompt student critical thinking skills I started in the fall 2017 term having students to a series of four comparative news analysis discussion posts assignments using the course online D2L course management system. Students created an original post on analyzing media coverage of a current news event and responding to two of their colleagues’ posts. We then discussed several of the examples shared by students in class. See here for the assignment guidelines and grading specifications.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

While in graduate school at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I had the opportunity to teach a variety of material, including: a social media internship, radio and video production, composition and public speaking, as well as introduction to communication theory. Below are a selection of syllabi for my courses. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are ones which I designed or significantly revised prior to the start of the course.

Life Sciences Communication 360: Information Radio First-Year Interest Group “Representing Self Through Media: A Personal Journey Through This American Life” (Fall 2012)
Course Syllabus*

Life Sciences Communication 875: LSC in the Lab “Science and Communication Intersections” (Fall 2010)
Course Syllabus*