I am giving a talk on Tuesday as part of the kickoff event for DePaul University’s new undergraduate minor in Climate Change Science and Policy.

The talk will be in the Lincoln Park Campus, 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., in McGowan South.

My slides from the talk are available below:

In the winter 2018 quarter I will be teaching a new undergraduate course that is part of the minor in Climate Change Communication.

JOUR 311/ CMNS 363: Climate Change Communication

Monday / Wednesday

2:40 to 4:10 p.m.

Lincoln Park Campus

The course description is as follows:

JOUR 311/CMNS 363: Climate Change Communication

Course Description:
Individuals make up their minds on climate change, energy development, and other science of pressing public policy importance through a complex set of factors: values, demographics, political ideology, and so on. Journalists, strategic communicators, scientists, and policy analysts need to be able to communicate effectively with diverse public audiences on climate and energy topics. This course is oriented from a science communication perspective and draws on social scientific research on communicating on climate change and energy issues. We will take a human perspective on climate issues and focuses on the social, political and cultural aspects of climate change. The course covers best practices for promoting and facilitating public dialogue on climate change policy and global energy systems. Topics covered include: climate change public opinion and knowledge, media portrayals of climate change and its societal effects, climate skepticism and denial, psychological factors that contribute to values and beliefs on climate science, journalism and covering climate issues, framing and developing narratives on climate impacts, and climate change in popular culture. Students will conduct original research to analyze and evaluate climate change communication. For the final project, students have the option of completing a major journalistic reporting project, designing an advocacy or marketing campaign, or conducting a research project.

For registration:
JOUR 311: Section 201; Class # 25204
CMNS 363: Section 501; Class # 25225

For questions or the syllabus, please contact Dr. Jill Hopke, jhopke@depaul.edu.