I am giving a lecture Saturday, April 8 at the DePaul Alumni University, DePaul Center, 1 E. Jackson Blvd.

My talk is entitled “Connecting on climate and energy: Finding common ground in an era of political polarization.” See here for the full schedule.

The majority of voters support US global engagement on climate change. Following the presidential election, researchers at Yale and George Mason Universities found that seven in ten (69%) of registered voters agree with US participation in the Paris agreement on reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, including just more than half (51%) of Republicans. In this talk, drawing on my social media research on discourse about the COP21 Paris climate talks, protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline and hydraulic fracturing, as well as the broader field of climate change communication, I’ll explore ways in which we can connect meaningfully on climate action and energy issues in an era marked by political polarization on the issues.
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